When the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite was organized in the early 1730s, explanatory degrees were added to those of the Blue Lodge. Degrees of the Rites of Heredom and Perfection along with other degrees and rites from Scotland, France, and Germany were added. The 29th Degree became the “Scottish Knight of St. Andrew.” Exemplifying the qualities of the Knights Templars and those of the Order of St. Andrew du Chardon, this degree remains with us today.

KSA – A Black Cap Organization

Although not based on the 29th Degree, the Knights of St. Andrew are devoted to Service, Loyalty and Truth by emulation of the characteristics of the older organizations – the Knights Templar, and the Order of St. Andrew du Chardon.

The by-laws state that the Knights of St. Andrew are a “Black Cap” group. Any member who subsequently receives the KCCH – Knights Commander of the Court of Honor – can not hold an office or vote although they can still work and assist in functions of the chapter. The main duties of the Knights of St. Andrew were, and are, to assist as needed during a reunion and be available to the Valley’s General Secretary for any other assigned duties.