This Friday evening we will be filming a video for our Valley. We will be doing a few interviews and shooting some B-Roll of members in some regalia and costumes. We ask that as many of you join us so that we can make this video a success. Please find the details below:

LA Valley Scottish Rite

Test Pilot Video

Feb 23, 2018

Call Time: 7pm

Dress Code: Dark Suit and Tie and member hat

Director: Johnny Royal

926 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, CA  90401

Appetizers will be provided

Interview Cast

·       Rusty Roten

·       Reyn Blight

·       Alberto Casanova

·       Sean Foran

·       Ron Hopkins

·       Ron Hart

·      Sam Pirnazar

·       Chris Brickman

·       Tyler Lyons

·       Matt Harrison

·       Johnny Royal

 Regalia and costume Cast

·       All other members available to participate


 ACT I: Scottish Rite Overview

·       What is the Scottish Rite?

·       What is the mission of the Scottish Rite?

·       How is the Scottish Rite structured?

·       How is the Scottish Rite different than the Blue Lodge or other bodies in masonry?

ACT II: Becoming a Scottish Rite mason

·       Why should a Master Mason consider joining the Los Angeles Scottish Rite?

·       How does one become a Scottish Rite mason?

·       What are the benefits of becoming an LA Valley Scottish Rite mason?

·       What are some of the things the LASR does for the community?



·       Shots of Rusty and Ron Hopkins talking to the brethren as if teaching

·       Shot of small group business meeting

·       Shots of the different Scottish rite hats

·       Shots of the altar

·       Shots of members in regalia and costumes talking

·       Bridge of Steel

·       Shot of someone reading/studying, and writing

·       Shot of the Wilshire Temple

·       Shots of Scottish Rite art and photographs of SR leaders